Design Services

• Consult with client on design vision & renovation plans and develop a Scope of Work List.

• Discuss budget & provide project cost estimate

• Discuss and develop project’s overall style and color palette

• Measure & photograph space for floor plans and elevations

• Research and present all furnishings, carpeting, lighting, fabrics, & wall surfaces

• Research & present all decorative hardware, surface materials, bath & kitchen fixtures and kitchen appliances

• Provide disbursement requests and follow up on all purchases, deliveries and installations

• Solve traffic flow and storage issues & design any needed custom furniture

• Make site visits and consult regularly with clients, project architect, contractors, and building management

Additional Services

• Consult & build custom Art portfolio

• Stage properties for Resale

• Provide moving & storage needs

• Provide party & holiday décor

• Provide specialty cleaning & protective services

• Create custom murals (special request)


KDD charges an hourly rate. All list and net prices are revealed to the client. A reasonable surcharge is placed on the net worth of all goods and labor.